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On Hitting $100 MRR

Pickcode Technologies has one customer, a company that white labels our Python editor for their online CS curriculum. We charge based on usage. As of today, our customer owes us $100 for the month of September 2023.

When I started working on Pickcode (almost 2 years ago now), it was a side project and I was excited whenever anyone even clicked on the site even if it was to offer negative feedback on my Reddit/Hacker News promotional posts. When I started, the idea of making any money was far off, but I was hopeful about the prospect of one day being able to make a living off revenue from the product.

I imagined the day when my “Show HN: Something something coding education” post would reach the front page and I would have made it. Two years later, Pickcode has made the front page of Hacker News a couple of times and over 10,000 students have completed a lesson, but we’re just now hitting $100 MRR. (Maybe this is just a reflection on my business acumen [1] ). My point here is that achieving “success” seems like it will take quite a long time. There are many, many, steps from a first commit on a Github repo to making a living, and here’s to achieving one of them!

  1. You can make a Pickcode account here (please please please click Sign Up not Log In) or try a sample lesson without an account here. You still can’t buy a subscription, but we’re getting there!